News, reports, and analysis


Balkanalysis (pan-Balkan blog based in Skopje, Macedonia)

BBC Macedonia country page (includes timelines, maps, and helpful statistics)

Institute for War and Peace Reporting (with excellent coverage of peace and justice issues)

The Balkan Investigative Research Network (with coverage on EU integration and training programs for Balkan journalists)

International Herald Tribune (with database searchable to 1991)

Macedonia Information Agency (for government-generated news)

MakFax (for local news from Macedonia’s first private news agency)

Southeast European Times (for ample coverage of Macedonia and the region)

Human Rights resources

Amnesty International Macedonia page (for coverage of Human Rights abuse)

The Committee on the Prevention of Torture Macedonia page (with reports from committee visits to Macedonia, as well as the Macedonian government’s mandated response)

East European Law Review (tracks developments in rule of law in eastern Europe)

Freedom House (founded by Eleanor Roosevelt to promote democracy and freedom worldwide)

Helsinki Committee for Human Rights of the Republic of Macedonia (for reports on human rights in Macedonia)

Human Rights Watch, Macedonia page (with in-depth reports on human rights in Macedonia)

Southeast European Legal Development Initiative (for information on corruption and rule of law in the Balkans)

Transparency International (for information on corruption worldwide)

Early Warning/Preventive Diplomacy resources

An Agenda for Peace (written by United Nations Secretary-General, Boutros Boutros-Ghali, calling for greater attention to preventive diplomacy, peacemaking, and peacekeeping in the post-Cold War era)

The Carnegie Commission on the Prevention of Deadly Conflict (ceased operations in 1999, but published numerous excellent reports available on-line)

European Center for Conflict Prevention (works on conflict prevention and peacebuilding, largely with the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict)

The European Center for Minority Issues (publishes excellent articles in its Journal on Ethnopolitics and Minority Issues)

International Crisis Group Macedonia page (provides incisive coverage of the threats to peace and stability in Macedonia, the Balkans, and worldwide)

Minorities at Risk Project, University of Maryland (tracks the maltreatment and mobilization of minority groups worldwide)

Saferworld Macedonia page (for excellent reports on peace and stability issues, such as the small arms proliferation, in Macedonia)

United Nations Development Program Early Warning Report archive (for reports on threats to peace and stability in Macedonia)

United States Institute of Peace (for reports on Macedonia’s preventive diplomacy experience, from a congressionally-funded peace organization)


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